lulu!dyrus t shirts for sale along with the pobelter ones
(2 adult medium, 2 adult large)

selling for $22.00 USD each! please message me your email so i can send an invoice and get shipping info

Congratulations TSM!

Congratulations TSM!

Sorry I’m rarely active on tumblr.

HONESTLY this place is a cesspool of sexually frustrated depressed people who recommend significantly wrong advices to one another.

Also laggy gifs.

who are your favorite artists on tumblr?

My good friend Tiger Wang. Absolutely love his animated stuff.

hey midi. first of all u r the cutest c= second, you should really read gto. i reckon it is very shonen and may be essentially the opposite of what you like but it actually is the opposite.

Thank you!! I LOVE GTO!!!!!!! Series made me cry ;-;. Also read Shonan 14 Days and watched both live action dramas. ♡